Why does mobile advertising work?

Did you know that 96 percent of Americans own a smartphone? And what’s more, Americans check their phones an average of 150 times per day! That is 150 opportunities to market yourself or your business to potential customers.

The reason mobile advertisements are so beneficial compared to regular ads is because you have access to a much broader population within a much wider time frame. People tend to check their phones within an hour of waking up to an hour of going to sleep. That’s more marketable hours than television, radio, and newspaper combined!


The benefits of advertising with Adnut’s mobile platform?

Mobile apps supported

Whether sharing your ads on other mobile apps, or advertising on your own apps, we guarantee that our ads are formatted to fit any mobile platform

Professional platforms

Our advertising experts offer real, hands-on experience to your ad platform to ensure you get the best results possible

Responsive ad units

Our responsive ad units will automatically adapt and resize to ensure your ads are displayed correctly and easily seen by your audience

Dynamic Optimization

Once your ad is published, we will continue to optimize your platform using our dynamic algorithms, tweaking your ads to maximize efficiency

Targeted audience

We constantly collect detailed data and demographics to determine where your ads can be best used to get the highest results

100% success

Our advertising services are guaranteed to give you the best return on your investment with our proven strategies and innovative platforms

Mobile vs Desktop Ads

  1. Mobile Ads have the advantage of capturing the viewer’s full attention, while desktop ads have to compete with a larger screen space.
  2. Countless studies have been done to track how people use their smartphones. Results showed that people are two times more engaged with videos on their phones than videos on a computer screen.
  3. Google , one of the largest and most successful multinational technology companies. Their simplicity is part of what makes them so successful. This makes the site extremely easy to use and appeals to users on both desktop and mobile sites.

Targeted, Local Advertisement for a Larger Customer Base

Smart phones are used mostly to find local information. With targeted, local ads, we will help you find your target audience for more efficient and higher yielding results.

Google has recently changed their algorithms to focus search results towards mobile friendly sites. Nearly 80% of businesses don’t have mobile optimized website.

Mobile friendly sites make businesses more presentable, more user friendly, and ultimately more profitable. Almost half of all online sales today take place on mobile phones.

Think of that as doubling your online traffic and sales by investing in mobile advertising. Our marketing services are guaranteed to bring more people to your website.


We help you create a versatile ad campaign that is optimized to reach as many viewers as possible. Get your message directly to your target audience and bring more people to your business.
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Monetize your mobile apps and websites with ads that are relevant to your viewers. We publish ads that are guaranteed to get the highest responses on your mobile platform to maximize your revenue.
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